New experience

Guided visit to our ecodesign workshop

Know us a little more. To us. Our surroundings. Our workshop. Our materials.

We’ll tell you how the production process works and how we apply eco-design to our products. And you can also view and touch our entire lamp catalog, and its different functions.

Book your visit!

Contact us to make an appointment and the specify the visit type.

Normal Visit: Adults 3€ / Kids free
Visita with souvenir*: 5€
Visita with souvenir + lunch**: Adults 10€ / Kids 5€

Contact: Amaia Prieto and Jesús Prieto
(+34) 697 898 256



 *Souvenir: Handcraft product made with our main materials.
**Lunch:Products from the area smoked on the grill with wine barrel embers together with an artisanal drink from the area.

Where we are?

Our workshop is located in the small town of Zabal, belonging to the Yerri Valley, in Tierra Estella.

We would appreciate…

That when you go to the visit, try to make the travel with the least number of vehicles possible. In order to alter the life of the people as little as possible and to try to reduce pollution.

Thanks a lot!

Baku Barrikupel
Baku Barrikupel

C/Zurukuain, Zabal, Navarra

(+34) 607 218 934 

(+34) 697 898 256


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