Polonia: Sopot dupla


If you liked Gdansk y Sopot, you would surely love the double versions!

One of the aspects that characterized our products is their versatility. Well, in this family we have wanted to take it to another level.

Any of the previous models (Gdansk/Sopot) multiplied by 2, make the family grow up to 9 more lamp models. They are easy to assemble, disassemble and convert, so that you can change the scene yourself whenever you want.

<p>Technical characteristics</p>

Materials: pine plywood, French oak, PVC

Number of staves:  30 / 240mm

Weight: 1,6 – 1,9 kg

85% Reused material

Design and manufacturing: All the lamps from the catalogue are designed and manufactured by Baku Barrikupel and are always unique articles, as the material marks.


All models (Except Osoak family) are available in 2 types of lighting.

*With tube:

The lamps that have a diffuser tube are completely assembled in the workshop. They include the bulb, lamp holder, cable, and connections to the electrical network.

E27 socket

T40 led lamp

9W / 12W

770LM / 1100LM

Neutral / warm light


Vintage light is an option we offer, but we leave the choice and purchase of the bulb in the client’s hands. The lamps chosen with vintage light include a lamp holder, cable, and connections to the electrical network.

The only requirements for the vintage light bulb are:

E27 socket

To not exceed 70mm in diameter.


Cable: Black textile, 7.5 mm.

Hanging position length: 1.20 m.

Tripod / Table / Floor position length: 1.75m.

Plug: Type C.


Variations: Hanging vertically, hanging horizontally, tripod 15 cm (T1), tripod 25 cm (T2), tripod 45 cm (T3), tripod 145 cm (T4).

*T4: The 140cm tripod is adjustable in five different heights (140cm, 130cm, 122cm, 112cm, 102cm).

Suggestions: Apart from all the options we offer for almost all our lamps, at Baku Barrikupel we are open to customer proposals. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions, suggestions, requests, or new ideas.


The packaging of our lamps is also made by us. These are custom-made reused wooden boxes for each lamp.

Best of this?

-We make sure that the lamps are not damaged during the trip.

-We do not transport air.

– We close the Ecodesign circle, as the goal is that these boxes do not end up in the trash.

Reuse! We are sure that with a little imagination you will find a function.


All Baku Barrikupel lamps are manufactured on request. It takes us a maximum of 4 working days since the moment we receive your order until it leaves our workshop.

However, do not worry. After making your order we will let you know when your product will arrive.