Baku Barrikupel is a project to reuse materials that have ended their useful life. We design and manufacture decorative and functional elements applying eco-design throughout the process. Our products are manufactured in a small one-to-one handicraft workshop. And all this, we do it in a rural environment.

We are an artisan father and designer daughter and the combination of experience and novelty makes us better at our job. So we’ve decided to weave all our ideas together to immerse ourselves in this adventure.

Baku Barrikupel

Our main objective was to reuse the oak from the wine barrels, because of its quality and nobility. But we have gradually introduced more materials into our designs and today we can proudly say that we manufacture products with 85% of reused material.


After several years of research on design and materials, we have started our market with a catalog of sustainable lamps. We manufacture these lamps with 3 materials to which we have decided to give a second life: wine barrel, pine plywood, PVC pipes.

Baku Barrikupel
The Barrel

The oak, which is planted to make wine casks, usually has a process of 150 years of growth and care until it arrives at the winery to contain the wine, and then there it does its function for only 8-12 years.

If we put this count of years in a valance… Don’t you think this wood needs to live some more year?

Baku Barrikupel

Pine plywood, a durable and durable material that is used in many cases for packaging industrial machinery, transport, works of art… When the shipment is made these boxes are discarded without more.

A material that has been created to resist How is it that you got rid of it so soon?

Baku Barrikupel

We would never have imagined where to get a material that diffused light from our lamps, but here it is:

The vinyl that is put on the glass windows of cars to darken the glass comes wrapped in PVC tubes and when this vinyl is finished the companies discard the tube.

However, for us these tubes are perfect. So why throw away what others can take advantage of?

In addition to materials, we also like to take care of the production process. We try to make this as polluting as possible and consider manufacturing from the first step to the last. So we decided to use LIVOS organic oils to protect the wood in our products.

“Plant chemistry that was founded in 1,974, with the purpose of researching and developing paints from natural, renewable, biodegradable and harmless substances. Since its inception, its work is based on a deep commitment to the human being and the environment.”

Finally, we want you to know that Baku Barrikupel is always in continuous development and evolution, It’s alive. But for that to continue, sometimes we need help.

Company, private or simply curious: If you discard or know someone who discards any interesting and valuable material, contact us!

We are confident that there are many materials around the world that deserve a second life.

C/Zurukuain, Zabal, Navarra

C/Zurukuain, Zabal, Navarra

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