Baku Workshop Music Session

We present you Baku Workshop Music Session, an event that tries to merge the project with artists from the area, creating a pleasant encounter in a handicraft workshop. Remember… culture can be sustainable too!

Ruralitas TVE2

You can see the episode of Ruralitas that came out on July 3!
From the Baku Barrikupel workshop in Zabal, we visited our neighbors from Arizala, Lacar, Iturgoyen and Urbiola.

because you already know… lots of things are happening in the villages too!

Nafar Away – Deierri

Check out the visit they made to the workshop from Hamaika telebista!

Mendialdea Radio

During our time at Presura 21 we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Aritz, from Mendialdea radio. A very interesting project located in Alava.

Euskadi Irratia - Faktoria magazine

by Baku Barrikupel | Interview


April 8 and 9: Fair of the social and solidarity economy, promoted by REAS Navarra.

14 and 15 Durango: BerdeaGo, the fair of responsible consumption, at the fair grounds of Landako.

20, 21, 22 May Pamplona Cathedral: In the annual market Ame&Art.

May 27 Paredes de Nava (Palencia): Meeting “Hunters of Rural Stories”.

JUM & Alatz

Several weeks ago we had the pleasure of enjoying the first concert of the JUM duo together with the painter Alatz Lopez Lameiro. A new format that combines plastic arts with live music.

JUM and Alatz is the new commitment to the culture of these artists and we wanted to join!

Take a look at what we prepared in the workshop that afternoon!

V Fair for the repopulation of rural areas in Spain

Last weekend of November 4-7 we stayed at Feria Presura21.

66 stands, more than 80 projects presented, dialogs… And many more things!

Thank you to all the people who came to the booth, asked us, had a conversation with us and stopped to listen to our ideas.

Navartour with Tierras de Iranzu

February 25.26 and 27 Navartour national tourism fair was held at the Baluarte Palace in Pamplona. We were there and had the pleasure of conducting an eco-design and craft workshop thanks to the Tierras de Iranzu.


On February 17, we had the pleasure of participating, together with other inspiring projects, in the days “Looking for inspiration for rural repopulation” promoted by the University of Burgos.


La ruta slow

Together with Vanessa Sanchez, creator of the project Walk on the Basque Side, we had a very interesting conversation on the radio program La ruta slow.

Awarded for best rural entrepreneurship in depopulated areas

In our passage through Presura 21, the tenth edition of the El Hueco Starter contest was held, in which we were awarded the prize for BEST RURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN DEPOPULATED AREAS, by the hand of Correos.


New campaign to fight against the depopulation
of the Government of Navarre

Together with 3 other projects carried out in rural areas of Navarre, the Government of Navarre has launched this campaign to combat the demographic challenge. In the following videos we tell you how to embark on a village has many advantages.

Enter the Youtube channel of the Government of Navarra and you will see what the other projects are about. Come on and take a look!

Tierras de Iranzu

Since this summer, our guided tour of the workshop is already part of the Eco-experiences of Tierras de Iranzu. Visit their website and discover rural tourism in Navarra.

Boulevard Magazine

by Baku Barrikupel | Inetrview

Diario de Noticias

Available the report they made us in the Diario de Noticias.



Pamplona Emprende

On July 2, we presented Baku Barrikupel in the Pamplona Emprende program. Promoted by CEIN and the Pamplona City Council.

It has been 2 intense months of tutoring and mentoring from other entrepreneurs and experts in different fields.


Comunal competition

After three months of incubation of the project, on June 19, we presented Baku Barrikupel along with the other projects selected in Allo.

Berria newspaper

The report they made us in Berria Egunkaria is now available.


Rne Navarra

by Baku Barrikupel | Report

Artisan companies of Navarre

¡WE ARE ARTISANS! The association of artisans conpanies of Navarre has granted us with the artisan licese and besides, our project is available in their catalog. 


On February 6th we were at the Ekomarket of Pamplona, held in Geltoki on the first Saturday of each month. Find out more about the Ekomarket!

Diario de Noticias

You can now read the little story they did to us in “Diario de Noticias” newspaper. “Removing consciences from the ecodesign” The title says it all.

Navarra Emprende

Our project is now available on the Navarra Emprende website thanks to the TEDER Association of Tierra Estella.

8. Fair of the solidarity economy of Navarra

November 2nd will start at 8. Fair of the solidarity economy of Navarra ON-LINE, due to the latest measures taken by COVID-19.

Goiener Sarea

We are already part of the Goiener Cooperative, and you can also see our project in Goiener Sarea, a network for the visualization of companies that have also opted for renewable energy.

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